MODEL CALL: Saturday September 10, 2011 at 8pm

9 Sep

Haute and Low Fashion Show Model Call


Where to Eat: Oya

11 Dec
Oya – Washington, DC

So, this is how we said surprise during my Bestie’s birthday dinner. We were waititng for the entree and she still had no clue the dinner was for her. *giggles* Let’s talk about the dinner spot shall we? Oya in Washington DC. Seriously, a mouth orgasm. I am super picky about food but trying to expand my pallate. I admit, I had my reservations about eating here after previewing the menu online. We all opted for the Prix Fixe dinner. I mean, how bad could that go, right?

No… how AMAZING could that be!

Where to Eat: Georgetown Cupcake

11 Dec
Georgetown Cupcake – “DC Cupcakes” on TLC


We all know, I love cupcakes! While planning my best friend’s birthday weekend in DC, I spent hours trying to find places to eat and most of all… where to get cupcakes. Georgetown Cupcakes is top-rated. Who knew they had a show on TLC? I must’ve missed it… and thank God! I know editing must work overtime to make the experience that is visiting and shopping at Georgetown Cupcakes look wonderful… it’s definitely NOT.

Here’s why…

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Eat Boston: Sweet Cupcakes

13 Oct

It makes no sense how delish the cupcakes sold at Sweet are! I actually visited the Newbury Street location. I stumbled upon this store while walking aimlessly– semi shopping and semi just killing time. What is a Closet Fat-girl’s pleasure? CUPCAKES! (Well, I love baked goods in general. Cupcakes just make me feel like I’m being less greedy. lol)

I won’t lie to you, the cupcakes are about $3 a piece. Yes, you could bake your own. But, these are really yummy and who feels like baking when you’re craving something sweet? (No, pun intended) My favorite? The lemon cupcake and the red velvet cupcake. OMG, my mouth is watering just dishing on how good they are. As a bonus, they even have puppy cupcakes for all of my dog lovers!

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Shop Boston: Threadz

12 Oct

Image Credit: F. JeanGilles of TSDP

JR and Channell, husband and wife duo, tag-team to upgrade Boston’s Fashion scene with their new boutique, Threadz; a unique urban apparel store located at 614 Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester, MA.

On October 10, 2010, I was privileged enough to be a guest and their private preview fashion show. The “who’s who” of the Boston area gathered to experience just what Threadz has to offer. Owner, JR, is no stranger to the fashion scene in this city. I remember when he was merely a worker at Boston’s Hip Zepi USA. It is encouraging not only to see his growth but to see him spreading love as many local designer’s apparel can also be purchased at Threadz.

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Welcome to the Suite.

6 Oct

For every time you have visited a city and thought, “Where to go tonight?”

For those nights when you say, “I want to go out but I don’t feel like going to a club…”

For the ladies that do not want to go anywhere and see someone with their same outfit on.

For the people that decided to stay inside but want to know how an event went.

To be relevant.

Fly and eloquent.

To be in the know.

Past the velvet rope.

Welcome to the suite… Suite Four11.